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Review from Le Forum in France


...Blue Coupe, or the combination of two former Blue Oyster Cult and Alice Cooper Group a arrives on scene. The Bouchard brothers are quite well preserved. Albert, the drummer and his eternal smile, Joe, the former bassist became guitarist and singer, plays the role of leader of the new formation. And Dennis Dunaway, bassist for Alice Cooper at the time and it was still the name of the group. Our three guys over the stage and attack with "Under My Wheels" album Killer.

Great Review from the Blue Coupe show in Paris Oct 12 2014


From the soundcheck only, it was clear that BLUE COUPE is in rock and roll for the fun. The gear is late, and yet they stay calm, Joe Bouchard pulling out an IPad and turning the whole venue into a disco club (prompting Dennis Dunaway to quit the band). Fortunately, everything is ready just in time for them to start the show.

And what a show they gave us… Mixing songs from BLUE OYSTER CULT, ALICE COOPER and some of their own, BLUE COUPE proves us age doesn’t matter, only rock and roll does.


Hallow's Grave Tour


There's nothing like playing shows to appreciative crowds and meeting fans that have grown up listening to our music, as well as all the young people that are just discovering us. That's why we still work so hard to get out there - 2,000 miles last week and 2,000 more next week alone. If you would like to see us in your town, please tell your local venues. We're still building the Blue Coupe name and getting our foot in the door depends on bookers hearing about Blue Coupe. After we perform in a new venue, we're always welcome back. The Hallow's Grave Tour is rolling along nicely, which is great for our new single "Hallow's Grave" that Alice Cooper sings on along with Tish and Snooky. The single has been submitted for Grammy consideration so your support is important and much appreciated. Joe, Albert and I hope to see you in the near future. DD

New Updates to the Website


Hey gang, got some new updates to the site, mostly the lyrics for MMM are posted completely.  Have fun and sing along.  Coming soon will be "Everybody Goes Insane" with Spanish lyrics for our friends in Europe we will be seeing in June.  If you see any errors let us know.  Hope to see you over the summer!  Joe

Everybody Goes Insane


Blue Coupe are surrounded by wonderfully creative people. And when it comes to film, Albert's son, Ace, is a visionary. Ace conceptualized and directed all three official Blue Coupe videos. Part One "You (Like Vampires)" finds our humble heroes (Joe, Albert & yours truly) fighting off vampires with pistols, rifles, a crucifix and a metal case with a special gun. After a long tense night of vampire attacks, daylight arrives and the vampires have vanished. And so, in Part Two "Waiting For My Ship" weary from the stress of the vampire attacks, Blue Coupe sneak away to a house on the Saint Lawrence River in the Thousand Island area of upstate New York where Joe & Albert grew up. Hawaiian shirts, barbecues and beer offers little relaxation before evil ninja-like spirits show up. Grabbing their guns and a wooden stake that Albert sharpened, another series of bloody battles ensue. Then Joe opens the metal case, lifts out the special gun and fires the final shot. Part Three "Everybody Goes Insane" finds our battle-worn heroes at a snowy country home with a blizzard due to hit that night. Blue Coupe are preparing for another attack when the chilling howling of wolves cuts through the crisp clean air. The blizzard hits hard and so does a host of unexpected horrors. 

Home Sweet Home


After traveling over 8900 miles and performing 10 British shows in 2 weeks, Blue Coupe are back in the states with satisfied smiles on our faces. Thanks to everyone for braving the weather to attend the shows. Every crowd was great. People came from as far away as Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Canada and even Alaska.

Thanks to Döm & Peter for organizing and coordinating all of the bookings. Thanks to Dave for setting up over a dozen promotional interviews in such a smooth manner. Thanks to Phil and Chris for being so professional about making everything so easy for us on the road. And thanks to Patrick & Serge for the stellar article, the great photographs, cognac and laughs.

Thanks to Phil and Bev for creating their Keystreet Bar, which is one of the coolest rock clubs in the world, and for hosting our free Meet & Greet Jam Session there. And thanks to Si Halley for spreading the word about the tour, and for playing some fine guitar on "I'm Eighteen" and "Roadhouse Blues."

Highlights? There were so many but hanging with Steve Cropper and The Animals original drummer John Steel was a genuine honor, although following them on stage was nerve racking.

We loved every show but the Great Rock & Blues Festival in Skegness was a massively energetic crowd. And we had the extra added talents of Tish & Snooky singing with us. They also joined us in Hertford.

We also loved performing at the exquisite Jersey Opera House. The sound was superb and the theatrical lighting made the Billion Dollar Bass flash to the highest balcony. We were joined by an exciting new harmonica virtuoso named Giles Robson, who also recorded an exquisite track on a Blue Coupe song that will be included on the new album.

In our usual fashion, every set list was different. We played "Wild Thing" with Chris Allen singing. He sings with the Troggs due to Reg Presley's failing health. Sadly Reg passed away since then.

The English are a warm and friendly lot, especially in the pubs, and we look forward to touring there again.

UK tour Al's next four days


After Mickleton we set off for Skegness. it was a rainy day and there was talk of flooding so we set off early again. The cloud cover was so thick that our GPS could not find a signal. We just attempted to find our way back to the motorway as best we could. Finally we came to the castle and we knew we hadn't come that way before. As we rounded the castle the GPS finally locked in and started to tell to make a U turn if possible. It took us back to the castle and over a bridge and next to a raging stream that looked like it was nearly on the verge of flooding. We got out of there as quickly as it was safe to do and found ourselves on the M6 again. The landscape flattened out and started looking like upstate NY except for the 3 nuclear power plants that seemed to be planted in the middle of nowhere and separated by ten miles or less. I imagine this is where England gets much of its power. Still most of the countryside maintained its charm.

UK tour - Al's First Four Days


I meant to write a post every day on this first tour of UK in umpteen years but I've been so busy and tired that it hasn't happened. I flew out of JFK on Tuesday after a full day of work at the school. It was the longest day. I couldn't  wait to get out of there and was a little worried that I might be late but it was for nothing. I got to the airport in plenty of time and everything went off without a hitch.

News from UK TOUR 2013


Good morning Butlins!  Joe here.  We just finished the 5th night of the tour.  It's been amazing so far.  Last night at the Great Rock and Blues Fest we had the biggest crowd of the tour, and they went wild.  It was a major stage in front of thousands of people. 

Blue Coupe Live in the Studio


Today is a good time to talk about the live concert video we shot in Palmer Massachusetts on February 19, 2011. I am told that the video and the audio are done or at least almost done and that I will be getting a copy soon.

We performed in a state-of-the-art TV studio for a live audience of about 30 or 40 people were invited by the show's producer Don and. It was a multi-camera shoot and we brought our lighting designer, John Yorke and his assistant up from New York City with lots of special effect lighting and lasers. Also coming up from New York City for the show were Tish and Snooky who contributed to our album on backup vocals and we were going to try and re-create the album as best we could. I believe that when we perform with them, because we have two sets of siblings, two sisters and two brothers, that it gives us a special kind of sound that people who are not related can never achieve.



Thursday and Friday: This has been an interesting trip. The first thing was that our flight had to make a 3 hour stop in Poland. I've never been there but I've felt that Poland is one of the most interesting countries in Europe. After being humiliated by both the Germans and the Russians in the World and Cold wars they have systematically pulled themselves up by their bootstraps to become a shining example of freedom for the whole world. However, all we did there was have some great coffee in a coffee shop and sit around waiting for the plane. I must add that the actual flights LOT Polish airlines were pleasant. The pilots were awesome and the service although spare was excellent.

The next thing was a long drive to Lazac where the festival was to be held. We landed in Niece and had to drive to Montpellier and beyond to get to the festival site. Before Montpellier we stopped at a little bistro for some dinner and what a dinner it was! I had fuits du mer, salmon and whitefish plus a nice veggie pilaf, others had veal, and bouef, plus a bottle of local wine from Provence. It was finished off by an amazing cheese plate featuring a selection of local cheeses. We arrived in Larzac late at night and met up with Mark, the promoter, who greeted us with a some beer, the room keys and a warm welcome. It had been a long day so after sharing a beer we all went to our rooms and off to sleep.

Making Tornado




It all started last fall when we played a gig opening the show for Alice Cooper (the artist not the band) and Dennis, Joe and I sat backstage and wondered, “if we could play with any living person in the world, who would it be?” After a small discussion we all decided it would be Robby Krieger. He sort of fit in with us great but under-appreciated musicians. Dennis said, “You know Robby. Why don’t you give him a call and ask him to join us?” So the next day I gave Robby a call and left a message on his answering machine, asking him to play some gigs with us. Two weeks went by and I didn’t hear from him. I started getting paranoid, maybe he was offended by my forwardness.  With some trepidation I called him again and apologized for my brashness and asked him to call me back, if for nothing else than to chat. The next evening to my surprise, Robby called and apologized for not getting back to me sooner. He explained that he had a bunch of projects he was working on and that later he would be going back on tour so he would probably not be able to do any gigs with us in 2010 but he would love to do some recording with us. “After that, we can take it from there”.

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